Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey Stud, Lookin' Good

The red studded Chloe boots that I would actually kill someone for.
My baby! The Marc Jacobs bag that I am determined that one day I will own!
So.. this might be taking it a little too far...
Givinchy leather studded jacket. I love how they're so oversized.
Gucci studded ankle bootie. Not really a fan of Gucci but these I absolutly love.
Foley and Corrina stub bag. Another bag I am determined to one day own.

My current obsession: anything studded. I'm a firm believer that most anything can be improved it has studs on it. At the moment my wardrobe is lacking in the stud department, unfortunatly as is my life. Me and my friend Alice have decided one day soon were getting together for a stud night (not the male type) were buying a whole bunch of studs and studifying our wardrobe. Hopefully by then my camera battery will be here so the night will properly documented and I'll put up the pictures ASAP.

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